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Happy New School Year 2022 – 2023!

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars

Like a diamond in the sky.

Milliards of stars are scattered through the galaxy, waiting to catch the first sun’s rays to shine.

Infinite diamonds are hidden under layers of sand, polished and refined, waiting for their moment to sparkle.

And so do precious children, waiting for their chance to show off their unique light.


For years, STEAMe GARTEN Kindergarten System has been persistently pursuing one goal where we provide opportunities for children of early childhood ages to have real-world experiences, to grow holistically, and to be happy during each school day.


STEAMe GARTEN is proud of what we achieved after five years of establishment. We have firmly instated our stance in the early childhood education scene in Vietnam with our application of STEAM education and Project-based Learning integrated with high technologies and an American-standardized English program.


+ Our system has established and operated 17 modern campuses nationwide and is still growing.

+ Thousands of our graduates enter prestigious Primary schools with bountiful knowledge and unique skills, and confidence.

+ Hundreds of our teachers and staff members possess a deep love for children, a devoted attitude towards the teaching career, and professional skills as we constantly participate in training classes to improve our work. 

+ Our success is not without the endless trust and support of the student’s parents. Your encouragement keeps us going and all the more believe in the path we choose to follow.


And it is also thanks to all the small but meaningful things that happen every day throughout our system.


These factors have cemented the concrete foundation for the STEAMe spirit and core, allowing us to touch on our STEAMe children with rays of knowledge and understanding and help them sparkle their own gleaming light.


The time has come for drum rolls to sound, signaling the beginning of a new school year full of excitement! The new dawn of knowledge has arrived. Let’s awake our little STEAMe stars, and shout out loud at the top of our lungs: