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When answering the question, “What do you miss most during the Boarding Week you attended?” our children shyly replied, “I miss STEAMe.”

It’s time for us to bid adieu to all fun summer days with Take a trip, Wet and Wild, Thinking – Making something, and Fun and Friends. Days of learning and living together from morning to midnight have ended with the summary of the 2022 Boarding Course at STEAMe GARTEN.

The children will now go home with a Certificate for their completion of the course and lovely gifts from their teachers in their belongings. However, the most precious gift of all is probably the love of their teachers, the deary friendships with everyone their age, the experiences of self-reliance, and the hands-on practices that allowed them to grow physically and mentally.

To our dearest children, do you know how much your parents and teachers are proud of you? As Mr. Duc Tien – father of our friend Nam Phong said on behalf of other parents, “We were so surprised to see our little children mature up a lot after the Boarding Week course! They are joyful, and expressive, and become so positive that they have never shown before! After the first Boarding Week, my child Nam Phong was ready to enter straight to the second week and completed the course outstandingly! Congratulations to everyone!”

The doors to STEAMe Summer Boarding Course have now closed shut. We once again see our little friends drag their suitcases through the schoolyard in the opposite direction and toward home. There are rhythms in their steps and firm stance in their walks. The children seem to bear a different vibe as we see how mature they’ve become!

See you again next time, little friends! The special belongings brought back from your Boarding Weeks shall erect valuable stairs that will lead you to the future. Your new mission will be continuing to spread what you’ve learned from this special course to many others so they can also be inspired to grow up just like you!

STEAMe GARTEN would also like to express our gratitude toward the family of children who attended the 2022 Boarding Course. 

Your support and trust in our Mission and Vision of STEAMe GARTEN are what keep us going. We are truly grateful for your firm belief in your decision to let the children attend this special course, and that you are certain of how the children would come out the other end of the course as someone who is self-reliant and independent with polished skills up their sleeves. Your support of this unique program also creates an opportunity for our STEAMe teachers to be closer to the children, thus loving, understanding, and facilitating their growth even better. The success of this year’s Boarding Course also allows our teachers to know their mission better as they continue to strive for the future generations of Vietnam. 

The school year 2022 – 2023 is reaching near, STEAMe GARTEN, thus, would want to wish all parents and children of our schools to always be in their best health and ready to step into the new beginning with happiness.