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Carpentry is an ancient art and trade. To this day, wooden materials have been used for furniture, household wares, and even artwork through the expert hands and creative minds of humans.

Upon learning about the history pages of carpentry, STEAMe GARTEN children have had such intriguing learning hours with knowledge that is easy to remember. They are the foundation upon which the children build up their confidence to enter The STEAMe Carpentry Workshop – a challenge through which they can become adept carpenters once completed. 

All adorable wooden artwork and products the children have made will be the decorations for their school, classrooms, and homes. Behold the shower of compliments they will receive from their family!

Let’s watch this video to take a look back at our children’s STEAMe GARTEN Carpentry Workshop. Let’s observe how our children utilize their knowledge and develop their unique thinking to work in groups and create so many lovely pieces of art!