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Recruit teachers for STEAMe GARTEN preschool system

STEAMe GARTEN preschool system boasts a team of foreign and Vietnamese teachers with high expertise, experience, dedication, dynamism, and a special love for children. With the goal of becoming a second family of children, STEAMe GARTEN preschool system constantly improves the teaching quality of teachers, always creating opportunities to encourage teachers to improve pedagogical skills. as well as teaching expertise.

The motto of STEAMe GARTEN teachers is to become the second family of children

The classroom teacher not only applies a new, student-centered method, but moreover, a mother and sister dedicated to helping and inspiring a passion, excitement and excitement for children. explore knowledge.

Each teacher is a mother who accompanies children on the path of knowledge

All foreign teachers who teach English come from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia … meet the professional standards, are professionally tested and periodically trained.

The quality of teachers is always our top priority

Each teacher who is part of the staff of the school has been trained specifically to improve the pedagogical profession, professional knowledge and skills of STEAM standard teaching:

STEAMe GARTEN teachers graduated from College level or above, from the Central Teachers’ Schools, the Pedagogical Pedagogical University.
Teachers No. 01 have more than 03 years of experience, teachers number 02, 03 with at least 01 – 02 years of experience.
All teachers have English skills and are trained, improve their English ability and native teachers throughout the course of their work.
Teachers are trained in the standards of preschool teachers, professional standards, communication skills, pedagogical conduct, high service standards in education … before class.
Teachers will be allowed to attend the regular hour 2 times / month and unexpected hours.
Teachers are trained in Massage skills for children.